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tv   Journal  LINKTV  January 16, 2015 2:00pm-2:31pm PST

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>> live from the dw studios in berlin, this is your world news. carrier headlines this hour. -- here are your headlines this hour. another islamist attack aimed at police. >> and the supreme court, does this mean reversal.
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police in belgium france, and germany have carried out dozens of raids across against suspected islamists. 25 arrests have been made. >> police shot dead, and arrested a third. they believe in attack on police was about to begin. >> they blocked roads the morning after the attack. police locked down the area where the raid took place. at a press conference, belgian federal prosecutors said the rays were part of an
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investigation into a terror cell. -- the raids were part of an investigation into a terror cell. >> the threat was imminent that we were afraid that the attack would take place in the following hours or days. we wanted to talk to policeman in the street or in buildings. >> the belgium police carried out 12 raids across the country. they also made numerous arrests. >> it is scary. really scary after what happened. i'm surprised it's happened so close to us.
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>> he added there was no information to suggest other attacks were imminent. security forces are taking no chances. >> we asked our brussels correspondent what the raids revealed about the scale of the islamist threat in belgium. >> there are more foreign fighters in belgium than any other country in europe. there is a very well-known organization called sharia for belgium. they are very worried about the
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foreign fighters coming back from syria. experts are talking about at least 100 foreign fighters that are now on the ground in belgium, back from syria. >> police and france have arrested 12 people in their ongoing. >> outside of charlie hebdo laying a wreath for the 12 victims killed there.
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he was killed along with nine of his colleagues when his offices stormed the gunman -- by gunmen. >> a large antiterrorist raid. >> 250 police officers carried out operations against suspected islamists. the suspects are from turkey, russia chechnya and august on -- dagistan.
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>> we are taking measures against islamist suspects. focusing on individual suspected of coordinating a terror logistics cell with jihadists in syria. through financial and logistical means. >> authorities believe several hundred fighters left germany to join the islamic state in syria and iraq. some have appeared on i.s. videos. they pose a major security risk when they return to germany. they followed a german tunisian. >> terry martin is in berlin on the story for us.
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is it a coincidence the raid took place now when the other raids were going? >> within 24 hours, one late thursday night, certainly giving the impression that authorities are cracking down in germany in the wake of those attacks in france. authorities are refusing to say whether the arrest were internationally coordinated. the spokesman would not be drawn on that question. in the case of the arrests, it seems that the authorities found airline tickets in the apartments of the suspects. there could have been a case that they were getting ready to leave the country that perhaps it was a coincidence in the case of religion.
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>> authorities are saying that is the case of the suspects that were killed in the raid yesterday. but the threat is also real in germany, isn't it? >> the threat level remains "hi." at an abstract level. they are known to have gone to syria and iraq. the threat will be watched that much more closely in the wake of those attacks in france. >> terry, thank you very much. presence in germany have become breeding grounds for breeding young muslims and radicalizing them. i spoke with an imam who works in german prisons.
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how big is the threat of radicalization. >> the country will be very different. if you go to prison, you will not have the impression that there is a big problem. there is anger in and out of the people. >> what happens? how do people become radicalized once they are inside? >> there is nobody there that can show them or explain them about their religion. they have no idea of their religion.
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if something is happening that they consider to be suppressive against muslims, the conflict. like a carondelet -- kuran buri ning. developing hate and trying to give, looking for something to put their hate in. >> what about the events of the past week? the terror attacks. is that something you discuss with the inmates? >> if they are shown in the television, they think about this and are provoking us. how do we react and how can we react? is it allowed to do something?
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how should we react? we cannot always look at these events. i am trying to explain them the islamic way to react on this kind of provocation. >> do you have a success story? something that you can be proud of? or do you think the problem is getting worse with radicalization? >> i am trying to have an impression of de-escalation. many people are telling me -- radicalized people tell them they are astonished.
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if the radicalized man can sometimes slide, or misuse them. and if you ask an imam to correct this, he is very happy. and after that, in a good mood. in a better mood. this is very important in prison. >> for prison and the entire society. we certainly appreciate your time. thank you for talking with us. charlie hebdo released its first edition since the attacks and they continue to fly off the racks. shops have been selling out of the magazine. >> readers stood in london to
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buy a copy. >> a group of students have classed with a police. >> several people were injured including a press photographer. his employers, the french, they say his life is no longer in danger. >> the violence broke out after 200 people gathered outside the french consulate. police used tear gas and water cannon to disperse the protesters. at least three people.
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>> we condemned the killings and violence in france. >> the repeated publication of the mohammed caricatures announced to a declaration of outright hostility. >> after the publication of the sketches, the unity shows the western leaders announcing that we are all charlie means that you are all declaring war against islam. >> it was part in support for
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the satirical newspaper. >> what happened to the euro this friday? stay to to find out. francis. >> they called on officials to end corruption. the message resonated with the huge crowds that attended his mass in the capital of manila. >> hundreds of thousands erected in tears as the pontiff arrived in manila. it's his first mass in the philippines, a country where 80% of the population are catholic.
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its scenes like these that have earned him a name as the people's hope. inside a packed cathedral, the congregation replied as he read from the con -- gospel of john. >> we are told to combat. plainly contradicting the teachings. >> or words from the head of the
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catholic church also aimed at this man. his fight against corruption has so far failed to convince many. but the pope's message will likely go down well. >> the euro continued its slide in value against the u.s. dollar. >> and we talk about what this means. >> the eurozone products getting cheaper abroad. that is increasing sales.
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the euro has been losing value for months. experts say it could fall even more. they could help struggling economies in europe but economists also worn a weak euro is not a cure-all. >> the problems are not just about the strength of the euro, we have a long list of structural problems. >> it applies particularly to greece. it has little to gain from a weak euro. >> other european markets enjoyed an end of the week rally. they sent us this in frankfurt.
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>> it has been a very turbulent day again with a record high on top. deciding that the falling euro is very good news for the share markets. they think at this moment, a low euro can help the export's nest in germany. and investors focus on the new measures coming from the ecb. >> those numbers and the dax managed to get the week. higher at 3202. across the atlantic, the euro
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lower against the dollar against one dollar 1533 -- $1.1533. >> spared another round of lashes today on medical grounds. last year, he was sentenced to 1000 lashes to 10 years in jail for offenses including insulting islam. he ran a website which he criticized the country's clerics. his flogging last week triggered an international outcry. for more on this we are joined by a human rights activist. joining us on the phone from baltimore in the united's rates. thanks for taking the time to talk with us.
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you know his family. you have been campaigning for his release. his referral to the supreme court, is it related to hope? >> they can see that he's being deferred to the supreme court. >> where do you think the impetus came? what we've seen in the last couple of days. >> and probably because of international leaders like the canadian supreme ministers and the state department, it's been very helpful pushing the government to take actions. >> this case has been going on for 2.5 years and it appears that it only received global attention after the events in
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paris last week. do you see a connection there? >> this is not the only thing. i think the idea that people didn't really comprehend. i think that it is a very real and southern punishment. >> we will have to wrap it up there. >> a human rights activist talking to us from baltimore in the u.s.. >> more information on that case on her website. >> in the u.s. and britain have agreed on a new program to prepare for cyberattacks.
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they will conduct cyber security wargames like simulated attacks on financial institutions in new york and london. >> prime minister david cameron met with barack obama in the white house. they say they will be increasing intelligence sharing on cyber security that includes creating a cyber cell to prepare for attacks from hackers. >> west african leaders considering building a forced to fight boko haram rom extremist militants. >> boko haram rom has seized control in a brutal six-year insurgency. >> in the most vicious attacks so far it reportedly killed as many as 2000 people and kidnapped hundreds of women and girls. those that could, fled.
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>> after days on the run, this woman has finally made it to hd. she escaped her village in the northeast where boko haram militants continue to gain ground. she is afraid to tell us her name. her six-year-old son may still be in danger. he was lost during the escape. she calls everyone she knows but no one has seen her son. >> i am sure god will help me find my child just like you are helping me. >> satellite images released by amnesty international rick -- relate the trail of destruction. in just a few days, the islamist burned thousands of homes to the ground. hundreds were massacred, maybe thousands. the exact death toll remains unknown. on thursday, nigeria's president
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spoke and promised to keep fighting for them. >> [indiscernible] >> but some critics dismiss the president's visit as political theater. a stop on his reelection campaign to her. nigeria is one of the most corrupt countries in the world and many voters have lost faith. on wednesday he warned that the situation is threatening to divide the country.
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>> this is difficult and we are living through an insurgency. and they would want to see changes. i hope it would not lead them to walk away from exercising their right to vote which may also give them a chance to influence the situation. >> they visited the northeast of the country for the first time. history has attracted a lot of attention. critics have claimed he's only showing an interest in the region because of his reelection bid next month. >> more news for you at the top of the hour.
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llowing a series of raids, built-in authorities charge fire with terror-related offenses. it is not clear if there are links to the paris attacks. anger at "charlie hebdo." people take to the streets at the latest edition of the satirical newspaper. in niger, people have been killed, 48 injured, and a french cultural center set ablaze. shoulder to shoulder with france. the


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